Welcome to Tech CRAZY

Hey, we are Ashleigh and Darren Wood and together we are Tech Crazy. We are a recently married couple who met whilst working at the same technology company approximately 4 years ago, and we have both learned so much about the technological world that we thought that we could start a fun blog to share our tech knowledge with other people around the world. We are both mad about tech hence the name of our site and are constantly trying to grow and evolve with the new advancements that are happening in our world every single day.


Ashleigh Wood

I have a background in software development and learned many of these skills whilst studying at college. I was very lucky to land with a successful technology company when I left college and I have been building my career skills ever since. Life can be super hectic so I spend most of my free time playing video games, stepping out for some fresh air, or catching up with friends and family, I love going for coffee dates or for a big family meal in the evening. I am also a bit of a nerd so I tend to spend a lot of my evenings watching docuseries and stuffing my face with popcorn… or something more healthy… possibly. My reward for this blog is that someone reading it gets some fun and informative information that they never knew about technology before, so get learning!


Darren Wood

Similar to Ashleigh I have experience with software development but my field mainly lies as a computer systems analyst. I spend most of my free time playing the computer or video games with my friends and going to the gym because sitting behind a desk every day can make you very sluggish. I am mad for technology, ever since I was little and my dad and I would completely dismantle computers and try and put them back together (admittedly they were mostly broken computers that didn’t work in the first place) but it was still some of the most fun I’ve ever had. So if you’re intrigued about learning more about technology then why not hop on board and read our blog!